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Chadwick Mulholland was born on 3rd September 1990. He was a quiet, caring, loving and very intelligent boy.
In January 2005 at the age of 14 he discovered a lump on his neck, it was then when our lives changed drastically and in the 3 and half years that followed Chad suffered relapse after relapse, but never lost his enthusiasm for life.
In May 2007 he not only had a bone marrow transplant, which we thought was the answer to our prayers, but, somehow finding the strength from (I don't know where) managed not only to take his GCSE's, albeit in isolation in hospital and at home, but gained 10 A*'s. Then after the Hodgkins Lymphoma came back for the 4th time in September 2007 he still found the strength to sit an A Level in further maths obtaining an A the week before he died on 18th August 2008.
He was our star and now our angel, he is much loved and will always be remembered by all his family and friends.
In September 2008 with the help of his old school Altrincham Grammar for Boys, we set up Chads Challenges, for anyone wanting to set a personal challenge for themselves, whilst having fun and raising much needed funds for The Young Oncology Unit at The Christie whom do a fantastic job in making the worst of situations into a comfortable one.


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